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Protect your pump over the winter months >

Weather forecasters are predicting a colder than average December! So how can you protect your pump during the winter months...
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

Flo~mate, the WRAS approved solution to poor mains water pressure >

Mains boost pumps are fitted directly to the incoming mains and consequently deliver potable water. It is therefore essential that the pump be WRAS approved and comply with UK water regulations.
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

NEW! Flo~mate Mains Boost Pump >

Introducing Flo~mate, the new mains boost pump from Stuart Turner 'Flo~mate' pumps offer a simple solution to boost incoming mains water pressure without the need for a cold water break tank. At times when mains water pressure is insufficient, Flo~mate will deliver a minimum 1.5 bar pressure at a maximum flow rate of 12 litres per minute, meeting the requirements of most unvented boilers
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

Stuart Turner Showcase Further New Products at PHEX >

This years Manchester and Chelsea PHEX events will see Stuart Turner showcase further new products!
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Stuart Turner's tips for choosing the right pump >

Selecting the correct pump for your needs is not as daunting as it may seem. Just be sure to follow these simple steps
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