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How to protect your pump in winter >

If it is not already, it is important to remember to protect your pump over the winter months. As the temperature drops it is worth remembering that cold weather can damage your pump if it is not properly insulated.
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

Increase boiler installation options >

Installing a specialised product such as the new Stuart Turner wasteflo BC3 Boiler Condensate Pump enables a condensing boiler to be located against an internal wall or even in a basement and eliminates the need for unsightly and inconvenient internal and external pipe runs.
Written by Stuart Turner at 16:00

New Flomate iBoost at PHEX >

Stuart Turner pumps are specifically designed and developed to provide a comprehensive range of water boosting solutions. To see a demonstration of our Flomate mains boost pump in action, or to find out more about our NEW Flomate iBoost, the complete packaged solution to low mains water pressure problems, come see us on stand number 64 at PHEX, Old Trafford in Manchester.
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

Flomate makes a difference to low mains water pressure >

Flomate mains boost pumps really can make a difference to homes with poor incoming mains water pressure and help to boost the pressure and flow of water from the tap or shower
Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00

NEW Flomate iBoost, the ultimate low mains water pressure solution >

flomate iBoost has been developed for larger domestic properties which have significant water pressure and flow demands. This new fully integrated package combines a 200 litre cold water break tank which overcomes restricted mains water flow and a high performance multi-stage pump to dramatically boost pressure. The flomate iBoost is capable of delivering water at pressures up to 4.5 bar and peak flow rates in excess of 100 litres per minute. In normal use, the system will deliver 60 litres per minute at 3 bar which is adequate for four showers each delivering a more than satisfactory 15 litres per minute.
Written by Stuart Turner at 10:00