Stuart Turner introduces its new 'wasteflo' brand

Stuart Turner remains at the forefront of design technology and product innovation and whilst this has traditionally enabled Stuart Turner to engineer solutions to boost clean water, this October will see Stuart Turner's product portfolio strengthened further with the introduction of the all new 'wasteflo' brand!

The new wasteflo range of macerators and lifting station are designed to be compact and simple to install and come with an innovative removable watertight cassette system allowing for easy and clean access without having to remove pipework or the appliance to service the product. Their low noise levels means wasteflo products can be located anywhere, even in places such as bedrooms, loft spaces, stairwells, cellars and within kitchen or bathroom furniture, offering a range of flexible options to create a bathroom, kitchen or utility room anywhere in your home.

Stuart Turner's, wasteflo range of macerators and lifting station come with and a 2 year guarantee and are supported by its excellent customer service team, Pump Assist, a dedicated and friendly team of highly trained and experienced technical experts. The Pump Assist team have a wealth of industry knowledge and can help you with both technical and installation advice, or offer further information on the entire range of Stuart Turner products. Simply call 0844 98 000 97 or visit

Wasteflo products, supplied with all the quality and reliability you expect from Stuart Turner.

Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00



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