Flo~mate, the WRAS approved solution to poor mains water pressure

Mains boost pumps are fitted directly to the incoming mains and consequently deliver potable water. It is therefore essential that the pump be WRAS approved and comply with UK water regulations. The new 'flo~mate' pump from Stuart Turner is the only WRAS approved mains boost pump available on the market, giving consumers the confidence that not only does 'flo~mate' offer tried and tested engineering from Stuart Turner but has the full backing of WRAS approval.

'flo~mate' pumps offer a simple solution to boost incoming mains water pressure without the need for a cold water break tank. Where there is low mains water pressure Flo~mate will deliver a minimum 1.5 bar pressure at a maximum flow rate of 12 litres per minute, meeting the requirements of most unvented boilers and in accordance with the UK water regulations.

'flo~mate' also features a built in bypass, which means that when the mains pressure exceeds 1.5 bar, the performance is not restricted and will enter the system. The pump starts automatically when a flow rate of 0.6 litre per minute or more exists ensuring performance on demand. For further Mains Boost Pump information click here.

'flo~mate' comes with a 2 year guarantee, when you register your pump on-line and as always is supported by Stuart Turners excellent customer service team, Pump Assist, a dedicated and friendly team of highly experienced technical experts, on hand to help with any question you might have.  

Stuart Turner pumps, supplied with the innovation, quality and reliability you expect.

Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00



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