Protect your pump over the winter months

Weather forecasters are predicting a colder than average December! During the winter months we all need to put on extra layers to stay warm but it's not just us that need looking after as the temperature drops. Whenever the UK experiences a cold snap, the amount of calls our Pump Assist team receive increases.

Cold weather can damage your pump if it is not properly insulated. Pumps, flexible hoses and all associated pipework should be insulated against the cold weather to avoid the risk of freezing, so please take a look at where the pump is situated and consider the following points to protect it during the winter months: 

  • Have you insulated the pump for extreme conditions?
  • Ensure the insulation materials cannot become entangled in the pumps rotating shaft
  • Ensure insulation materials cannot be drawn into the cooling fan
  • Don't cover the motor or fan casing. The vent slots need access to ambient air at all times  

If you have any questions on how to protect your pump from the cold weather, simply call Pump Assist on 0844 98 000 97 or drop us an e-mail and one of the team will be happy to guide you through any installation issues you might have.


Written by Stuart Turner at 09:00



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