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Finding solutions to the increasingly common problem of low mains water pressure is greatly simplified by Stuart Turner's patented range of flomate mains boost pumps.

Solving Low Mains Water Pressure


Although OFWAT stipulates that water companies must maintain a minimum pressure in the supply pipe of seven metres static head (0.7 bar pressure) at pavement level, most UK water authorities typically quote a standard of service which specifies that water pressure should not normally fall below ten metres head (1 bar pressure).

A number of factors affect the actual pressure available at any given time. Pressure from your tap is largely dependent the height of the tap above pavement level. Whether you share a service pipe with your neighbours, the time of day and the condition, size and length of your service pipe will also influence the pressure available.

Flomate Text 01The refurbishment of older three, four or even five storey high city properties can present very real problems for apartments on the higher floors. Another key factor is the amount of water being consumed in your area at peak times such as first thing in the morning and early evening. In some areas seasonal factors such as the use of water in tourist locations will have an effect.

If you think that your water pressure is too low, the water supplier will investigate free of charge and provide advice on what you need to do. However, even when the water pressure at pavement level meets the water supplier's service agreement, problems may still be experienced on upper floors of the building.


Water flow is generally determined by the length and diameter of the supply pipe to your property. Problems with water flow can be caused by something as simple as a corroded stop tap that won't open fully or, particularly in older developments where two or more properties share a single supply pipe.

Generally, if flow problems experienced relate to the size of the supply pipe it may be possible to install a storage cistern, a larger diameter pipe or a pipe dedicated to the property concerned. Unfortunately in many situations the above solutions may prove to be impractical or extremely expensive.


Flomate AdAn alternative approach, and one which is finding increasing popularity with householders and installers alike is the installation of a water pump directly in line with the rising main. Many installers are uncertain as to whether a water supplier will permit the connection of a pump directly to the mains supply to a property. This belief is based on the fact that historically, pump products that complied with water regulations for direct mains connection were simply not available. This situation is no longer true. A pump may be fitted directly to the incoming mains water supply, as long as it has been approved by WRAS - The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (www.wras.co.uk) and has been designed to limit the water flow drawn from the mains to a maximum 12 litres per minute. A WRAS approved pump drawing more than 12 litres per minute from the mains water supply may still be permitted in some situations, but the water supplier must be consulted beforehand.


Flomate Mains Boost Group 01WRAS approved products such as Stuart Turners patented flomate provide a simple and cost effective solution to boost low or intermittent mains water pressure without the need for a cold water break tank, making it ideal for properties where space is limited.

In fact, flomate will boost an incoming mains water pressure by an additional 1.5 bar at 12 litres per minute.

Flomate Text 02The flomate pump uses an extremely reliable flow regulator to ensure flow does not exceed the 12 litre per minute UK water regulation limits. If, however the mains water pressure increases at times of low water demand and exceeds the minimum guaranteed by the water supplier, Flomate's patented bypass feature ensures that the resulting increase in water flow will bypass the flomate's pump head and be supplied to the property without being restricted to 12 litres per minute, unlike alternative mains boost systems.

Stuart Turner pumps are renowned for their superior quality and extraordinary reliability and longevity. In this respect, flomate is no different, featuring a machined brass pump and impeller coupled to a continuously rated high performance induction motor.


Last year, Ricky Wilson of Central Emergency Services Ltd in Twickenham fitted a flomate pump and said "I was called out to a flat in Earls Court where the water pressure was really sporadic. The shower performance was not good at the best of times and if someone in an adjoining property turned on a tap, it really wasn't worth getting into the shower at all"! "Installing a flomate made a dramatic difference to the shower performance. It was easy to install, located directly in line with the mains after the stop cock. The flomate pump has been installed and running for over a year now and is working perfectly, I haven't had to make any return visits to the installation". As with all Stuart Turner pumps, flomate offers tried and tested engineering designed and built to the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability. flomate is WRAS approved, operates in accordance UK water regulations and is supplied with a 2 year guarantee.


Although the boost to water pressure and flow created by the standard flomate unit may be suitable for smaller dwellings, in larger properties with higher occupancy the demand for water may exceed the 12 litre per minute limit supplied by the standard flomate solution.

Folmate Mains Boost ExtraIn direct response to this increasing trend, Stuart Turner has introduced flomate mains boost extra. This exciting new development combines all the features of the standard Flomate pump and so can still be installed directly in line with the cold water mains supply pipe, but combines this with additional water storage provided by a 60 litre pressure vessel to supplement the increase in pressure and flow created by the pump.

Stuart Turner's flomate mains boost extra sits neatly within a standard 500mm kitchen base unit and is suitable for properties with more than one bathroom. It will deliver up to 16 litres per minute water flow at up to 3 bar pressure to multiple outlets within a property for a defined period and will then continue to deliver 12 litres per minute until water demand ends and the pressure vessel recharges.

Flomate Text 03By supplementing the water pressure boosting performance of the flomate pump with the supply from the pressurised water cylinder, the patented 'flomate mains boost extra' offers the householder the ability to store water at pressure to meet peak demand. It is easy to install, requiring no on-site commissioning and provides a fully assembled and tested solution to low water pressure problems.



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