Stuart Turner introduces extra products at this years PHEX events.

Stuart Turner introduces extra products at the forthcoming PHEX event at Manchester United FC, Old Trafford, Manchester.

Folmate Mains Boost Extra

Flomate Mains Boost Extra:Complimenting the existing Flomate Mains Boost Pump which has proven to be a big success, installers will surely welcome the new Flomate Mains Boost Extra Pump which is designed to sit neatly within a standard 500mm kitchen cupboard and offer greater performance at higher flow rates. 

Flomate Extra is supplied with a 60 litre pressure vessel, capable of delivering up to 16 litres per minute at 3.0 bar pressure making it possible to boost multiple appliances in the bathroom/en-suite. 

Flomate range of mains boost pumps, offer a simple solution to boost low or intermittent incoming mains water pressure, without the need for a cold water break tank, delivering performance on demand. 

Extra 'wasteflo' products:Stuart Turner introduces a new model to the range with the WC1 macerator, ideal for converting any area into a simple toilet. Additionally, WC1, WC2 and WC3 models will be supplied with a new and improved adaptor allowing 22, 28 or 32mm pipework to be easily connected, making installing a 'wasteflo' macerator from Stuart Turner the simple choice.  

Extra brands: Techflo qt and tp are new to the Stuart Turner collection of water boosting pumps and offer a high flow rate range of centrifugal pumps. 

Visit Stand No.64 to find out more.

15 - 16th October 2014

Doors open from 10.00 - 16.00 each day.

PHEX 2014


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