Powering improvements in shower performance

Disappointing shower performance can be a thing of the past when fitting one of Stuart Turner's extensive range of high quality, UK manufactured shower and whole house water pressure boosting pumps.


Properties featuring traditional 'open-vented' hot water systems usually employ a cold water cistern located inShower Head in Waterdrop the loft space and a hot water storage cylinder, more often than not situated in an airing cupboard on the first floor.

The resulting pressure of the water supplied to the whole household relies on gravity - essentially the height of the cold water cistern above any water outlets such as taps, washing machines, baths and most notably, showers.

On the first floor of a typical property featuring an open-vented system, the resulting water pressure at a shower outlet may be as little as 0.1 bar. This is the pressure resulting from an approximate '1 meter head', that is, the height difference between the shower head and the cold water cistern. This pressure is unlikely to result in a satisfying shower experience. In apartments and flats where there is no loft space available, a cold water storage cistern is often installed directly above the hot water storage cylinder, resulting in even lower gravitational pressure.

In all of these situations the solution may be very straight forward indeed. The installation of a pump, either to an individual shower unit, or in some cases to the entire property can make a huge difference to the performance of the shower, or in the latter case, all the water outlets.


The assumption often made when selecting a pump, particularly if being used to power a shower, is that the biggest, highest performance unit will always be the best. This is really not the case as too much pressure can actually result in an uncomfortable shower experience! An over-specified pump will also use more water and generate more noise than is necessary.

Another factor worth considering is that many modern mixer taps and showers are designed for use with 'high pressure' water systems. A normal gravity fed system will simply not generate enough pressure for them to function correctly, significantly limiting product choice. The installation of a water pump will therefore enable the selection and installation of a far wider range of taps and showers.

Stuart Turner pumps are available in two basic types; 'Standard' and 'Universal'. A 'Standard' type is suitable for any 'positive head' application where there is at least some flow of water from an outlet such as a shower due to gravity. The actual flow of water required for reliable operation varies depending on the pump range being considered. For example, pumps from the Monsoon range are amongst the most reliable and are capable of working when a flow of as little as 0.6 litres per minute exists.

Where a 'negative head' exists, the flow of water due to gravity may be extremely low or non-existent. In these situations a 'Universal' pump type should be specified.


Stuart Turner manufactures an extensive range of high quality shower and whole house water pressure boosting pumps to suit different budgets and application demands. Each product range comprises a number of options including different pressure outputs, a choice of single and twin head pump options and variants suitable for both positive and negative head installations.

Monsoon, Showermate and Techflo pump brands are renowned for their quality and reliability. As testament to this enviable reputation the length of the standard guarantees supplied has been increased to an industry leading five years in the case of the 'monsoon' range and three years for the 'showermate', 'showermate eco' and 'techflo qt' ranges.

These guarantees are now offered as standard so there is no longer any need to register the pump details on-line and no need to remember where you filed your e-mail confirmation and registration number!


Monsoon Waterdrop 5 yrThe Stuart Turner Monsoon range is widely recognised for its uncompromising performance, precision engineering and superb reliability. In fact, many experienced plumbers won't consider supplying and installing any other pump. The monsoon range is also approved by WRAS (The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) for use in potable drinking water systems.

At the core of every Monsoon pump is a high performance electric induction motor, rated for continuous reliable operation without overheating. Induction motors such as these do not use carbon brushes which wear with use and therefore do not require any maintenance. Precision engineered, extended life hard faced seals keep the motor separate from the water in the pump head, resulting in unequalled reliability.


The pump heads and impellers used on all Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps are precision engineered from brass and are widely regarded as the best available.

These features combine to provide a quiet, very high quality pump with unsurpassed reliability. So much so, Stuart Turner has extended the Monsoon product guarantee to an industry leading five years as standard.



Showermate Eco Waterdrop

Showermate provides a range of high quality, cost effective and compact pumps featuring pump heads manufactured from engineering thermoplastics. Designed to boost the performance of a wide range of individual shower and tap outlets in domestic applications, all showermate products are WRAS approved and are supplied with a three year guarantee as standard. Options includes single and twin pump head variants as well as models suitable for positive and negative head applications.

Showermate eco is a compact and cost effective solution suitable for boosting the performance of a single shower in a 'positive head' domestic application.



Techflo pumps use centrifugal pump technology to deliver whisper quiet operation. The Techflo qt features an advanced multistage impeller and diffuser design to provide high pressure and flow when boosting the performance of a single shower, complete bathroom or a whole house.

The Techflo tp offers an affordable entry level solution for boosting the performance of a single shower.




As with all Stuart Turner pump solutions, Monsoon, Showermate and Techflo products offer tried and tested engineering designed and built to the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability. Stuart Turner's engineering excellence has earned it a market leading reputation both in the UK and internationally. When you choose a Stuart Turner pump you can be confident you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, reliability, design innovation and industry-leading service. Stuart Turner offers an extensive range of pump solutions for low water pressure problems, waste water removal and water boosting across a broad spectrum of applications.

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