Give your bathroom a boost

As the economy is in better shape than it has been in recent years, homeowners are once again considering refurbishing their homes. Making improvements such as updating a bathroom or adding additional facilities by making use of space in the loft for an extra bedroom and en-suite are popular options. However, todays bathrooms are no longer thought of as just a functional part of the home; today's bathroom uses buzz words like luxury, quality and high performance to describe the home and the homeowners aspirations. 

Manufacturers of bathroom equipment are dedicated to developing new products to meet consumers aspirations, but a bathroom that simply looks good is not enough. Today's bathroom needs to comply with sustainable housing requirements where water consumption needs to be considered. Consequently, manufacturers currently developing new products will test performance to ensure their products function with a working pressure of 3.0 bar at the inlet. This is great, but many modern bathrooms are installed in properties that have a gravity fed system, or a combi-boiler and an erratic mains water supply. So what if the existing domestic system is not able to support the shower manufacturers test and maintain a performance of 3.0 bar at the tap or shower therefore meeting the expectations of the homeowner? 

In circumstances where the pressure is not sufficient, there may well be a requirement for a pumped solution to maintain the performance. Stuart Turner has seen an increase in the demand for pumps to boost open vented gravity systems and a marked increase in the number of enquiries for mains boost pumps to overcome the lack of pressure to unvented and combination boiler systems too. However, it is important to remember that boosting the supply will not increase the volume of water used, but the increased pressure will compensate for the reduced flow and maintain that all important 'powerful showering experience'. 

Choosing the correct pump

Monsoon Waterdrop 5 yrSo, what should you look for in the selection of a suitable pump? First it is important that the  pump can deliver. It is essential that the selected product has the correct performance to supply even at the most demanding times and in some instances, bigger is not always better. Secondly, it must be dependable. Having completed an expensive and attractive bathroom the last thing anybody wants is the additional expense and inconvenience of having to access and repair a defective pump. 

Choose a reputable brand from a manufacturer that has a proven track record. Make sure their products are made to high quality standards and are 100% tested before leaving the factory, and look for features such as low noise levels, anti-vibration feet and safe extra low voltage (SELV) controls for built-in safety. Also look at the guarantee and after sales service provided - the longer the guarantee, the more confidence the manufacturer has in its product. 

Stuart Turner Ltd has long been recognised by the industry for its engineering excellence and works alongside many of the nation's recognised shower and tap manufacturers. As a result Stuart Turner offers the perfect pump solution for every domestic application and offers the longest guarantee periods available on the market.

The Monsoon, Showermate and Techflo pump ranges are suitable for gravity fed systems and offer something for every eventuality, twin, single, standard or universal and anything from a 1.5 bar single shower pump to a 5.0 bar multiple applications whole house pump. We also have the ideal solution for unvented systems designed to complement a combi-boiler with the Flomate branded range of mains boost pumps. Flomate offers a variety of options suitable for a small starter house or large family home.

All Stuart Turner pumps are supplied complete and ready to install and are approved by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for installation into UK potable plumbing systems and come with industry leading guarantees. The Monsoon range carries a five-year guarantee as standard while Showermate, Techflo qt and Flomate have a three-year guarantee.  Fully supported by our Pump Assist Team, you can specify all Stuart Turner pumps with the confidence that you are installing the best money can buy. To find out where you can buy one of our pumps, visit the 'where to buy' page.


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