Cold weather pump protection

With winter on its way, UK water companies and the Met Office are advising homeowners, business owners and facilities managers to prepare for the cold weather.

Cold temperatures can cause water inside pipes to freeze - leading to bursts, floods and the misery of being without water for drinking, cooking and washing. However, research shows that despite 90% of households in the UK saying they know water pipes can freeze and burst in cold weather, only 23% insulate their pipes and only 20% have a plumber's number to hand in case of emergencies.*

The government has unveiled its 'Get Ready for Winter Campaign', with WaterSafe urging homeowners to wrap up their homes with pipe lagging and insulation to stay safe and healthy this winter.

While it's too early to predict what weather this winter will bring, we can get ready for the winter months and would encourage everyone to take a few simple steps to prepare for a cold winter and ensure homes and commercial premises remain warm and cosy.

  • Wrap up pipes and water tanks with insulation materials such as lagging.
  • Fix dripping taps - even a small trickle can rsult in a frozen pipe
  • Find the building's stop tap and make sure you can turn it off
  • Leave the heating on low if you go away
  • Check your central heating boiler has been serviced
  • Keep the name of a plumber handy


Secondly, if you have a water boosting pump, ensure the following: 

  • The insulation materials cannot become entangled in the pumps rotating shaft
  • Ensure insulation materials cannot be drawn into the cooling fan
  • Do not cover the motor or fan casing. The vent slots need access to ambient air at all times  


If you have any questions on how to protect your Stuart Turner pump from the cold weather, contact PumpAssist and one of the team will be happy to guide you through any installation questions you might have.


* Research care of Watersafe

Written by Stuart Turner at 16:00



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