Increase boiler installation options


A boiler condensate pump is an easy to install and economical solution which opens up a wider range of options when it comes to deciding on where to locate a new condensing boiler within a property.

All modern energy efficient boilers are of a condensing type which re-use heat from exhaust waste gases thatBC3 in situ would normally be released to the atmosphere through the flue. In doing so, the water vapour from the exhaust gas is turned into liquid condensate and the outlet from the boiler requires a waste pipe connection to an external drain. This may result in lengthy and unsightly internal or external waste pipe runs, especially if the boiler is to be installed some distance from the property soil stack or on an internal wall. External waste pipes will also need to be insulated to prevent freezing. The condensate outlet also limits the installation of a boiler to 'above-ground' applications where gravity allows the condensate to run off to a drain or soak-away.



Installing a specialised product such as the new Stuart Turner wasteflo BC3 Boiler Condensate Pump enables a condensing boiler to be located against an internal wall or even in a basement and eliminates the need for unsightly and inconvenient internal and external pipe runs. The condensate pump simply collects the liquid condensate from the boiler in its large capacity 2 litre reservoir and periodically pumps the accumulated condensate through a flexible small-bore waste pipe up to 5 metres vertically and into the existing drain system. The high performance, energy efficient pump can dispose of up to 288 litres of condensate every hour and a secure non-return outlet valve prevents condensate and odour from flowing back into the unit. The reservoir also features a safety cut-out switch, enabling the boiler to be switched off automatically and preventing an overflow of condensate.



The BC3 is extremely quiet in operation and comes complete with a 6 metre long discharge tube, outlet adaptor, fixings and a 2 metre long power cable. It is also very simple to install using the integral wall mounting brackets and built-in spirit level. Three separate 27mm inlet ports allow for different positioning options and simplify the connection to the boiler condensate outlet pipe. 



As with all Stuart Turner pump solutions, the wasteflo BC3 Boiler Condensate Pump offers tried and tested engineering designed and built to the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability. The BC3 is BS EN 60335 compliant and CE approved and is supplied with a 2 year guarantee as standard.

"The new wasteflo Boiler Condensate Pump can be used with any condensing boiler  and greatly expands the boiler installation possibilities."

Further details, including technical information on the NEW wasteflo BC3 Boiler Condensate Pump can be found here... 



Written by Stuart Turner at 16:00