New Products! New Pump Solutions Brochure!

Stuart Turner, the UK's leading shower pump manufacturer has updated its much sought after Pump Solutions brochure to include further new introductions to their product ranges.

With eight pump variants within the increasingly popular 'Flomate' range of mains boost pumps, installers and homeowners alike can find a simple to install, fully assembled and tested solution to low water pressure and flow problems for any size property.

The 'Stuart' branded range of commercial pumps have been expanded further with the introduction of additional pressure sets and booster set pumps, capable of boosting cold water for larger domestic and commercial applications.

Stuart Turner have also added to their useful accessories with a series of Eceautron catalytic water conditioners, designed to prevent limescale build-up and offer an effective alternative to traditional water softeners.

Stuart Turner's updated Pump Solutions brochure retains the same informative and easy-to-read style, with each brand clearly highlighted and each product section designed to provide an overview of the pumps within the range and identify their unique features and benefits. Useful performance charts for each model are included along with an application guide to help you to select the correct pump for any application.

All Stuart Turner products are supported by PumpAssist, the company's dedicated and friendly team of highly trained and experienced technical experts, so you can be confident that when you choose a Stuart Turner pump, you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, design innovation, and industry-leading guarantees.

Pump Solutions 2017

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