No more limescale with new range of water conditioners.

Water ConditionerStuart Turner have recently introduced a range of domestic water conditioners designed to be connected in-line with the incoming water supply to ensure limescale prevention throughout the entire property including water using appliances and the with the added bonus that being WRAS approved,  water remains drinkable straight from the tap!

The 'stuart' branded range of water conditioners feature a unique catalytic alloy which effectively prevents limescale deposits from forming and treats the water as it flows over the alloy anode. This catalytic action causes the calcium carbonate to precipitate into microscopic crystals which prevents them from adhering to any surface, which means that boilers, kettles and pipework for example, cannot scale up and therefore remain fully operational for their intended lifespan.

The range is supplied with pipework connections and offers three models, to suit flow rates from 3 - 75 litres/minute and 15, 22 and 28mm pipework.  The only consideration is ensuring you select the correct unit based upon the typical water flow from the cold water mains to the property.

These water conditioners from Stuart Turner are very cost effective and environmentally friendly as unlike traditional water softeners which take up valuable space within the home and require you to store bags of salt along with the added expense of installing a drinking water tap, 'stuart' water conditioners are simply installed in-line with the existing incoming water pipework…that's it. Simple, cost effective, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years.

Available nationwide from your local stockist.

Stuart Turner; engineered to excel.

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