Greater range of Mainsboost Water Performance Systems

Low mains water pressure? Stuart Turner's patented range of Mainsboost Water Performance Solutions offers the answer.

Mains water supplies to properties within the UK can vary greatly due to several factors, such as where you are geographically or the condition of the supply pipework. The time of day or the amount of water being used by your neighbours where properties share a single supply pipe can also influence the water pressure available.

Older properties typically employ ancient plumbing system designs, whilst newer properties may utilise a direct on mains plumbing system such as a combination boiler or pressurised hot water cylinder which whilst offering many benefits, can sometimes suffer from poor incoming mains water pressure at pavement level, resulting in a first floor bathroom being unable to provide an invigorating shower.

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Last year Stuart Turner acquired TWS UK, specialists in water flow and pressure boosting systems for direct on mains applications to further complement their Flomate range. Following this integration, the Flomate brand name has changed to Mainsboost to better represent this range expansion, which are designed to be simple to install and ensure water is delivered when it's needed, where it's needed.

So what are the options?

An increasingly popular approach is the installation of a WRAS approved Mainsboost system which is simply connected directly in line with the rising main and solves the problem of low or intermittent mains water pressure and flow. The installation of a Mainsboost system allows homeowners to get back that 'power shower' feeling and run multiple water using appliances at the same time without a reduction in water pressure and flow.

Mainsboost Flomate:The solution for smaller properties where mains water supply is insufficient and available space is restricted. Within the range is a compact and innovative Mainsboost Flomate pump designed to boost incoming water pressure by an additional 1.5 bar and featuring an integral regulator to ensure flow does not exceed the 12 ltr/min UK water regulation limits. However, if mains water pressure increases, Mainsboost Flomate's patented bypass ensures the resulting increase in water flow will bypass the pump and supply the property without restriction.  By combining the pump with a variety of sized pressure vessels, Mainsboost Flomate also offers the homeowner a buffer of cold water storage. These system combinations will deliver up to 30 ltr/min per minute at up to 3.2 bar pressure depending on the chosen variant and are all designed to fit neatly within any standard kitchen cupboard.

Mainsboost: Designed for larger properties with a greater number of occupants where the demand for simultaneous delivery of large volumes of water may be much higher. If the water supply to the property has a pressure of at least 2.0 bar but poor flow, the Mainsboost system will boost water performance throughout the property allowing larger combination boilers and unvented cylinders to work at their optimum. The specially designed Mainsboost vessels store water under mains pressure in a range of sizes from 100 to a staggering 1000 litres and can provide flow rates of up to 80 ltrs/min per vessel.

An appropriately specified Mainsboost system will provide a property with an unrestricted water supply delivered at pressure and ensures multiple taps and showers can operate simultaneously. Mainsboost also allows multiple vessels to be linked together to provide greater water storage, making them ideal for hotels or commercial properties with high demand. 

Mainsboost Plus and Charger:  Where water pressure is below 2.0 bar and not sufficient to deliver an acceptable performance from unvented cylinders, combination boilers and high end showers, Mainsboost Plus and Charger variants offer the answer.  These systems combine the Mainsboost vessel with a high quality pump unit to provide up to 3.5 bar pressure throughout the property. Mainsboost Plus has this highly effective pump positioned on top of the vessel, whilst Mainsboost Charger options locate the pump separately from the vessel to suit the space requirements.

Mainsboost, Mainsboost Plus and Mainsboost Charger systems are also available in an horizontal orientation making them suitable for locations with restricted vertical space. 

Available nationwide from your local stockist, the Mainsboost range is guaranteed for up to 5 years and offers a patented and fully assembled water boosting solution for any sized property. 

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