Eliminate limescale once and for all!

Eliminate limescale once and for all with the Stuart Turner range of Water Conditioners.

Stuart Turner offer an alternative method of treating water which has been used in commercial and industrial systems for many years. This tried and tested technology is now available to everyone with the new Stuart range of Water Conditioners. These highly effective, WRAS approved Water Conditioners are designed to prevent limescale from building up throughout a property and have an added bonus, that water remains drinkable straight from the tap!

Hard water area?

Limescale occurs in all water supplies but in some areas, the levels of calcium carbonate present can create such high levels of hard water that the efficiency and life span of many appliances is severely affected, especially when the water is heated.

The build-up of limescale within appliances leads to increased energy consumption (just 1mm can cause an 11% increase in energy use), loss of efficiency and the premature failure of water using appliances such as kettles and washing machines not to mention taps, showers, pipework and boilers. Traditionally this issue has been addressed by the use of salt based water softeners, which although effective, require high maintenance and render the water unsuitable for drinking.

How it works

Stuart Water Conditioners use an electrolytic action to treat the water and contain an unique alloy core that acts as a catalyst, causing the calcium carbonate to precipitate into microscopic crystals. These crystals then float in suspension in the water without adhering to any surfaces, ensuring that boilers, cylinders and kettles for example, remain scale free and efficient whilst continuing to operate for many years. 

The treated water is now more 'soft' in its characteristics and will no longer form hard scale. However, the water will retain all of its beneficial mineral content even if unused for up to 90 days, in comparison to some  other water conditioning units available in the market, which the water from will only remain treated for 24 - 48 hours. 

Other benefits

Unlike traditional water softeners which require space, bags of salt and the added expense of installing a drinking water tap, the Stuart range of Water Conditioners offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution which are simply installed in-line with the existing incoming pipework. 

Additionally, many boiler manufacturers recognise their significance and recommend a water conditioner is fitted in order to guarantee the lifetime of the boiler. For installers, a Stuart Water Conditioner can be quickly and easily fitted in-line with the rising main and as hard minerals will be removed from the mains water supply, future servicing should also be quick and easy, allowing more calls to be scheduled in the day and increased revenue.

For the homeowner, having a water conditioner fitted at the same time as a new water or heating system, or a new bathroom or kitchen makes perfect sense. This one simple investment not only protects and prolongs the life of all water using appliances, it also minimises the use of chemicals in order to keep taps, worktops and appliances limescale free, which ultimately saves them money in the long term!

The importance of sizing

There are two types of Water Conditioners within the range, one designed for domestic use and one designed for commercial and industrial use. If we look at the domestic variants, there are three models to suit flow rates from 3 - 75 litres/minute and 15, 22 and 28mm pipework with each model supplied with pipework connections making them easy to install. The only consideration is ensuring you select the correct unit based upon the typical water flow from the cold water mains to the property.

In order to select the correct model you must determine the flow rate where the Stuart Water Conditioner is to be installed. If flow is too low, insufficient turbulence is generated, if flow is too high the water will not interact with the catalyst in the desired manner.

Stuart Turner's PumpAssist team can offer help and guidance to ensure you select the correct unit based upon the typical water flow from the cold water mains to the property. 

Simply put

These water conditioners from Stuart Turner are very cost effective and environmentally friendly. They don't take up valuable space, they don't require room to store bags of salt and don't have the added expense of installing a drinking water tap. Stuart Water Conditioners are simply installed in-line with the existing incoming water pipework…that's it. Simple, cost effective, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years. 

Available nationwide from your local stockist.

Stuart Turner; engineered to excel.

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