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Stuart Turner extends range of their popular iBoost solutions offering compact water boosting systems, now also featuring an environmentally friendly solution to low water pressure and flow.

Limited flow rates and poor water pressure are a real issue for many households and can lead to poor performing and disappointing showers. Leading water pump manufacturer, Stuart Turner abolished this problem for many large domestic households with the iBoost unit from their Aquaboost range. This fully integrated package combines a 200 litre cold water break tank which overcomes restricted mains water flow and a high performance, premium quality multi-stage pump to dramatically boost pressure. Now, Stuart Turner have launched two additional iBoost solutions; theiBoost V200and the iBoost +200 to this popular range. 

Whether in large industrial plants or domestic mains water systems, the pumping that occurs globally accounts for almost 20% of the world's energy consumption. The internationally recognised pump and water boosting solutions provider Stuart Turner, have acknowledged the huge opportunity in their industry to make a significant contribution to using energy sources efficiently. This is where their new innovation, iBoost V200 offers the perfect solution. The Aquaboost iBoost V200 is the latest addition to Stuart Turner's iBoost range of compact integrated mains water boosting systems and features a programmable variable speed pump control system. In pumping applications, where the duty required is not constant; for example in domestic or light commercial use, it is highly likely that installing a variable speed pump will result in significant energy savings - likely to be between 30% and 50% in many cases. This makes the new iBoost V200 the perfect product to boost water systems whilst reducing energy usage.

The new iBoost V200 is capable of generating pressures of up to 4.5 bar and flow rates of up to 100 litres per minute. Featuring the same capabilities of their popular Aquaboost iBoost F200 such as; a 200 litre capacity water storage tank with high-flow fill valve, a slim and compact design, control panel and status indicators, simple installation and set-up and dry run protection. The iBoost V200 has additionally been innovated with the added benefits of an advanced variable speed pump control system. This enables the unit to supply water at a constant programmable water pressure as the water demands on the system change, providing a 'soft start' and maintaining stable water pressure when additional outlets are opened. As a result, noise is reduced as the pump speed is adjusted to meet the actual water demand. These benefits also result in optimal pump efficiency and lifespan as a result of variable speed pumps running at speeds below their maximum, leading to a reduction in wear, particularly in the pumps mechanical seals, whilst reducing power consumption leading to it being more environmentally friendly. This cutting edge design and added environmental benefits make the iBoost V200 the latest must-have for larger domestic and light commercial use when boosting cold mains water pressure and flow. As with the iBoost F200, this product is designed to maximise the performance of the latest high-flow combination boilers and pressurised hot water cylinder systems and features a high gloss white front panel which won't look out of place if standing amongst other appliances in a kitchen, utility room or garage. Alternatively, being less than 540mm wide and not requiring the large ventilation clearance gaps associated with some systems, it can be concealed within a 600mm width cabinet.


Stuart Turners iBoost +200 extension unit also launches a contemporary solution which eradicates the bothersome issue of the cold water tank emptying during peak use. The new Aquaboost iBoost +200 allows everyone in the household to experience an invigorating, high pressure shower without the worry of running out of water by effectively doubling the capacity of their iBoost V200 or F200 units, allowing an enjoyable shower at any time of day.

The Aquaboost iBoost +200 extension storage tank with high-flow fill valve will increase the capacity of iBoost units from 200 litres to 400 litres meaning that there is now a significantly reduced risk of running dry. The supplied kit will simply and quickly allow you to install the additional water storage tank by connecting it to the main iBoost unit through the tank sides. This new innovation will optimise and extend run times making it ideal for higher occupancy properties with multiple bathrooms and water expending appliances resulting in exceptional performance showers at any time of the day.

As you would expect from Stuart Turner, both of these advanced solutions are supplied with an industry leading 3-year guarantee, WRAS approved, UK water regulations and CE compliant.

Available nationwide from your local supplier.

Stuart Turner; engineered to excel.

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