Mainsboost System Order Code Changes & Guarantee Extension

New and simple approach to ordering Mainsboost Systems

To further position Stuart Turner as the market leader in mains water boosting solutions, the successful Mainsboost system has been updated and rationalised with effect from 1st October 2018.

These changes only affect the way in which Mainsboost systems are ordered, and do not impact on the system options or product range in any way.

We have replaced the Mainsboost Plus and Mainsboost Charger system product codes with a simple approach which involves ordering the required Mainsboost unit and pump as separate items, maximising flexibility and minimising product variants.

Price reduction and extended Mainsboost Pump Guarantee

This simple change to the ordering process has enabled us to greatly improve the Mainsboost offer. The price of the MJ3 and MBC pumps are reduced by up to 33%, and the guarantee increased from 3 to 5 years! Additionally the price of the Mainsboost Composite units are now reduced by 12%, further increasing the appeal of this high specification system.

The latest edition of the Stuart Turner Price List (Oct-18) has been updated accordingly and includes the changes described in this document.

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