New Aquaboost iBoost Solutions – Available Now

Inadequate flow rates and water pressure are common shortcomings for many properties, often resulting in underperforming showers and water using appliances. Stuart Turner addressed this issue for larger domestic and light commercial applications with the inclusion of the iBoost F200 unit within the Aquaboost range. This fully integrated system is highly effective, combining a 200 litre cold water break tank and a high performance, multistage pump to overcome restricted water flow and insufficient pressure respectively. Stuart Turner have now officially launched two additional iBoost solutions: iBoost V200 and iBoost +200.


iBoost V200

The iBoost V200 features the same capabilities as the iBoost F200 unit, generating pressures of up to 4.5 bar and flow rates of up to 100 litres per minute. The distinguishing feature of the V200 is the advanced variable speed pump control system which enables the unit to supply water at a constant programmable water pressure as the water demands on the system fluctuate.



The user is able to set the system at the desired pressure with ease and precision. Adjusting pump speed to meet actual water demand has the added benefit of reduced noise as well as providing a 'soft start' and maintaining stable water pressure when additional outlets are opened. The lifespan and efficiency of the pump is optimised due to the variable speed pumps operating at a rate below their maximum. Ultimately, wear and power consumption is reduced resulting in a more environmentally friendly system.

Aesthetically speaking, with a high gloss white front panel, an iBoost unit will not look out of place amongst other appliances in a kitchen, utility room or garage. This reliable and compact system will sit neatly within any standard 600mm kitchen larder cupboard and does not require the large ventilation clearance gaps associated with some systems.

Both the F200 and V200 are very user friendly, with control panel and status indicators, simple installation and set-up and dry run protection.


iBoost +200

The iBoost +200 water storage tank featuring a high flow fill valve effectively doubles the capacity of an iBoost F200 or V200 unit from 200 litres to 400 litres. In essence, this ensures all water appliances within the property can experience adequate water pressure with the reduced risk of the cold water tank emptying during peak use.  Installation is simple; the kit supplied will allow you to connect the tank to the main iBoost unit through the tank sides. Ultimately, larger domestic and light commercial applications with multiple bathrooms and water appliances would greatly benefit from the +200 unit.


Supplied with an industry leading 3-year guarantee, WRAS approved, UK water regulations and CE compliant.




Written by Stuart Turner at 11:00



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