Float Switch

The Float Switch is used to control a pump when filling or emptying a water tank/cistern. The switch position is adjustable along the float cord.

The Float Switch can be confirgured to control a pump for either tank filling (a high level cut-out) or tank emptying (a low level cut-out).  Settings to alter changes in liquid level are adjustable between a range of 50 to 700 mm using clips on the float cord.

All electrical connections are made via two cable glands which are also suitable for M20 conduit.

Product code 26638
Guarantee 1 year
Float type F1 20/8 MKlV
Maximum ambient air temperature 50 °C
Min/Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 50 °C
Electrical (switching)
Power supply / phase / frequency 110-250 V a.c.
Current (full load) 20 Amps (resistive), 8 Amps (inductive)
Enclosure protection IP22
Length 132 mm
Width 72 mm
Height 58.5 mm
Weight (including fittings) 0.47 Kg

Pump Variants
Part no Description
26638 F1 20/8 MKIV Single Pole