Floating Switches

Simple to install, these switches are designed to control a pump to automatically fill or empty a water tank/cistern.

Fill or Empty

Can be used to control a pump for either:

  • Tank filling (a high level cutout)
  • Tank emptying (a low level cutout)
  • Available with 3 or 5 metre cable lengths


Settings to alter changes in water level are easily achieved by adjusting the weight fitted on the float cord at the time of assembly.

Product code 19638 (3 metres), 19639 (5 metres)
Guarantee 1 year
Switch type Fill/Empty
Min/Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 50 °C
Switching voltage 110-250 V a.c.
Switching current (full load) 16 Amps (resistive), 4 Amps (inductive)
Cable (pre-wired) 3 metres / 5 metres
Enclosure protection IP68
Length 105 mm
Width 79 mm
Height (excluding hoses) 44 mm
Weight (including fittings) 0.68 Kg

Note: For control of a pump with a full load in excess of 4 Amps, the Floating Switch must be wired through a connector relay.

All switches come complete with a height adjustable setting weight.

Pump Variants
Part no Description
19638 Floating Switch, 3 m - Fill or empty
19639 Floating Switch, 5 m - Fill or empty