Aquaboost iBoost +200 CAT 5 - Integrated mains water boosting system


The iBoost +200 CAT 5 water storage tank effectively doubles the capacity of an iBoost F200 CAT 5 or V200 CAT 5  unit from 200 litres to 400 litres.


  • Additional 200 litre capacity water storage tank with high flow fill valve
  • Extended run times, reduced chance of running dry
  • Simple installation, connection to main iBoost unit tank can be made through the tank sides with the kit supplied or from the back (additional parts required)

Technical Specification

Product code 46714
Guarantee 3 years
Fluid risk compatibility CAT 5
Air gap Type AB
Maximum inlet pressure (tank fill valve) 7 bar (700 kPa)
Maximum static outlet head 15 metres
Ambient air temperature (Min - Max) 4 °C - 30 °C
Water tank
Nominal size 220 litres
Usable capacity 200 litres
Fill rate 20 l/min*
Cold water inlet G ½ male
Overflow (compression fitting) G ¾
Break tank Polyethylene
Front panel Acrylic capped ABS
Depth 529 mm
Width 536 mm
Height 1504 mm
Empty weight 35 Kg
Filled weight 235 Kg

*Assumes 1 bar inlet pressure.

Product Variants
Part no Description
46677 Aquaboost iBoost F200-100-45 CAT 5
46713 Aquaboost iBoost V200-100-45 CAT 5
46714 Aquaboost iBoost +200 CAT 5
46692 ABF F50-80-35 CAT 5
46693 ABF F100-80-35 CAT 5