Aquaboost ABI V1000-266-45-DA - In-tank compact water boosting system

In Tank Booster System

The Aquaboost ABI V1000-266-45-DA In-Tank Booster Set features a twin submersible pump, a 1000 litre nominal capacity cold water storage tank and is able to deliver up to 266 litres per minute and heads up to 45 meters.

Aquaboost In-Tank Booster Systems can be configured for duty assist or duty standby modes.

Technical Specification

Product code 46703
Guarantee 2 years
Cold water storage tank size 1000 litres - Nominal
800 litres - Usable
Pump type Submersible multistage centrifugal
Pump specification 3 phase, 2-pole induction motor
Pump duty rating Continuous (S1)
Air gap Type AF
Float valve type Equilibrium
Isolation valves Full bore
Accumulator 18 litres / 10 bar
Flexible connection hose (outlet)  
Dry run protection  
Pressure transducer control  
Delivery side NRV  
Output pressure gauge  
Maximum flow (single pump) 133 l/min
Maximum flow (twin pump) 266 l/min
Maximum Head (static) 45 metres
Maximum inlet pressure (static) 10 bar
Maximum outlet pressure (static) 11.1 bar
Water outlet manifold Stainless Steel
Cold water storage tank Reinforced, pre-insulated GRP
Base Encapsulated marine ply
Cold water inlet ¾ "
Manifold outlet 1¼ " BSP
Drain valve 1 "
Overflow 1¼ "
Warning pipe -
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c./ 1 / 50 Hz
Ambient air temperature 0 - 40 °C
Noise 45 dB(A)
Width 1185 mm
Depth 1185 mm
Overall height 1900 mm
Weight (dry) 162 Kg
Weight (filled) 962 Kg

Product Variants
Part no Description
46694 ABI V600-133-55
46695 ABI V600-133-80
46698 ABI V1000-133-55
46699 ABI V1000-133-80
46700 ABI V1000-183-45
46707 ABI V1000-183-60
46696 ABI V600-150-55-DA
46697 ABI V600-150-65-DA
46701 ABI V1000-150-55-DA
46702 ABI V1000-150-65-DA
46703 ABI V1000-266-45-DA
46708 ABI V1000-266-65-DA
46704 ABI V1500-150-55-DA
46705 ABI V1500-150-65-DA
46706 ABI V1500-266-45-DA
46709 ABI V1500-266-65-DA