ES Boostamatic 4000 Pressure Switch Pump

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Now available as PH 35 ES B

The ES Boostamatic range, are designed to provide a pressurised water supply from a break tank in either positive or negative head applications, as it soes not rely on agravity flow to activate.  Each unit is fitted with a control module which combines both flow and pressure switch activation making it a completely automatically operated pump.  The range is suitable for commercial or domestic use, pumpong hot or cold water.

Technical Specification

Body Brass
Impeller Brass
Pump shaft Stainless steel
Seal options Nitrile/carbon/ceramic
Pump connection size:
Inlet G 1 female
Outlet G 1 female
Motor options 230/1/50
Enclosure rating IPX4
Motor Induction type permanent capacitor thermally protected
Rating Continuous S1
Control features Dry run protection
Pump/control swivel joint to aid installation
Fully automated - no switch setting
Operating Conditions
Max. liquid temp. 65°C
Min. liquid temp. 4°C
Max. suction lift Flooded
Max. ambient air temp. 40°C
Cut in pressure 1.4 bar
Max. working pressure 6.0 bar
1 Year Guarantee United Kingdom only

Pump Variants
Part no Description
46523 ES Boostamatic 4000, 230/1/50
46524 ES Boostamatic 6000, 230/1/50