Monsoon Extra Universal 3.5 bar Single

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This product is no longer available. This page is for reference only, please see Monsoon Extra U3.6 bar Single.

The Monsoon Extra Universal 3.5 bar Single pump is designed for use in larger domestic and light commercial applications. Installed into an open vented hot or cold water system, where the outlets are either above or below the level of the cold water cistern, it has the equivalent effect of raising the cold water cistern 29 metres above its current position with a flow rate of 45 litres per minute.
Applications include boosting water pressures to individual outlets such as mixer taps and shower valves where a high pressure is required.  The Monsoon Extra Universal 3.5 bar Single is ideal for use in pairs, boosting hot and cold water services to multiple outlets in large houses, schools or leisure centres.
Installed in conjunction with a break tank, this style of pump can be used to boost water pressure into un-vented hot and cold water systems.

Technical Specification

Inlet strainer  
Stuart hard face mechanical seal  
Flow switch sensitivity approx. 1.0 l/min
Pressure switch  
Max. inlet head 10 metres
Plumbing connection 22 mm push-in
Flexible hose
2 off 22 mm push-in x
300 mm long
Anti vibration feet  
WRAS no. 0512134
Power supply 230/1/50
Enclosure rating IPX4
Motor induction type Induction type permanent capacitor thermally protected
Power consumption 1130 Watts
Full load 5.2 Amps
Fuse rating 13 Amps
Pre wired  
Rating Continuous (S1)
Gross weight (packed) 12.9 Kg
2 Year Guarantee United Kingdom only
Part Number 46351 (United Kingdom specification only)