RG550-2 Peripheral Stainless Steel

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Now available as PH 45 TS S

The RG550-2 pheripheral pump is manufactured using cast 316 stainless steel with all other exposed components being made of either stainless steel or other non ferrous materials.

Designed for continuous use, the stainless steel peripheral range is ideal for handling non-abrasive liquids and was developed specifically for beer, larger or cider dispensing.  They can also be used for pumping demineralised water.

Technical Specification

Body 316 Stainless steel
Impeller 316 Stainless steel
Pump shaft Stainless steel
Seal options Nitrile/carbon/silicon
Pump connection  size 
Inlet G ¾ male
Outlet G ¾ male
Motor options 230/1/50
Enclosure rating IP44
Motor Induction type permanent capacitor thermally protected
Rating Continuous (S1)
Operating Conditions
Max. liquid temp. 80°C
Min. liquid temp. 4°C
Max. suction lift 4.6 metres
Max. ambient air temp. 40°C
Max. viscosity 50 secs, redwood no 1 9.5 centistokes
1 Year Guarantee United Kingdom only

Pump Variants
Part no Description
46455 RG550-2, 230/1/50, NIT/CAR/SIL
46469 RG550-2, 230/1/50, VIT/CAR/SIL