Self Prime Centrifugal

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This product is no longer available. This page is for reference only.

The X201 self priming centrifugal pump is ideal for general purpose applications such as water transfer, septic effluent disposal, pressure boosting, garden watering or where lowering the water level is a requirement.  

The pump is fitted with drain and priming plugs and features an integral non-return valve in the suction port to aid priming.  The discharge port can be located in three positions and the impeller is of open vane construction which will pass suspended soft solids up to 6 mm in diameter.

Technical Specification

Body Noryl
Impeller Glass filled nylon
Pump shaft Stainless steel
Seal options Nitrile/carbon/ceramic
Pump connection size:
Inlet G1¼ female
Outlet G1¼ female
Motor options 230/1/50
Enclosure rating IP55
Motor Induction type permanent capacitor thermally protected
Rating Continuous (S1)
Operating Conditions
Max. liquid temp. 50°C
Min. liquid temp. 4°C
Max. suction lift 6 metres
Max. ambient temp. 40°C
Max. viscosity 50 secs, redwood no 1 9.5 centistokes
1 Year Guarantee United Kingdom only

Pump Variants
Part no Description
45776 X201, 230/1/50 NIT/CAR/CER