Mainsboost Charger

Mainsboost Charger

Mainsboost Charger systems combine all the efficiency of a Mainsboost system with an innovative wall mounted direct on mains pump to offer increased water pressure and flow.

The Mainsboost Charger water performance system is designed to overcome the issue of low or poor mains water pressure and is specifically designed for properties with minimal water pressure and where space may be an issue.

Mainsboost Charger has the unique ability to locate the pump, which is supplied within a noise reducing enclosure, remotely from the Mainsboost vessel without restricting performance.

The unique Mainsboost Charger system will deliver increased water pressure up to 3.5 bar and provide flow rates of at least 80 litres per minute (per vessel) guaranteeing both pressure and flow to multiple outlets, whilst able to store more than 744 litres of water at pressure.

Available with multiple vessels options.

Mainsboost - performance on demand.

Mainsboost System (Steel Vertical)


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