Mainsboost Flomate MBF 200 - Low water pressure pump

Mainsboost Flomate

Mainsboost Flomate 200 is suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms and outlets. Designed to sit within a typical kitchen 600mm larder style cupboard it will deliver up to 24 litres/minute flow at 3.2 bar pressure, to multiple outlets within the property, up to the preset cut-in limit at which time the system will deliver 12 litres/minute until demand ends and the pressure vessel recharges

Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive Upstream Line-In Kit (ULK) featuring 15 mm pipe diameter fittings.

Mainsboost - performance on demand


Technical Specification

Product code 46636
Guarantee 3 years
WRAS approval 1611375
Pump type Peripheral
Mechanical seal EPDM / PTFE / Al. Oxide
Flexible hoses 2
Diaphragm tank size 200 litre
Diaphragm tank water capacity 100 litre
Dry run protection  
Pump body Brass
Impeller Brass
Maximum head (closed valve) 3.2 bar
Maximum flow 24 l/min
Maximum working pressure* 450 kPa (4.5 bar)
Maximum ambient air temperature 40 °C
Min / Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 35 °C
Flow switch sensitivity (approx) 0.6 l/min
Pump connections G ¾ male
Flexible hoses
Connections G ¾ female x 15 mm push-in
200 mm long
Type Induction, auto-reset thermal trip
Duty rating Continuous
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c./ 1 / 50 Hz
Current (full load) 1.7 Amps
Power consumption 365 Watts
Fuse rating 5 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 metres
Enclosure protection IPX4
Length 556mm
Width 532 mm
Height (excluding hoses) 1390 mm
Dry weight (including fittings) 40 Kg
Filled weight (maximum) 143 Kg

* The maximum pressure that can be applied to the pump under any installation conditions.

Product Variants
Part no Description
46574 MBF 12
46631 MBF 60-1-15
46634 MBF 80-1-15
46635 MBF 100-1-15
46636 MBF 200-1-15
46637 MBF 300-1-15