Mainsboost Plus

Mainsboost Plus

Mainsboost Plus systems combine all the efficiency of a Mainsboost system with an innovative vessel mounted direct on mains pump to offer increased water pressure and flow.

Mainsboost Plus products are suitable for unvented systems where both mains water pressure and flow are inadequate.

Mainsboost Plus improves water performance throughout the property by increasing water pressure up to 3.5 bar and flow rates up to 80 litres per minute (per vessel) allowing unvented cylinders and combination boilers to perform as intended and offers the capability to run baths and showers at the same time with no reduction in pressure or flow.

Mainsboost Plus is also available in a horizontal configuration for where space is restricted.

Mainsboost - performance on demand.

Mainsboost System (Steel Vertical)

Mainsboost System (Steel Horizontal)


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