Mainsboost MB 250SH - Mains water pressure boosting


The Mainsboost MB 250SH features a nominal vessel size of 240 litres and a pressurised water holding capacity of approximately 132 litres.

Designed to be installed horizontally in installation situations where vertical space may be restricted, the Mainsboost MB 250SH is supplied with a compatible mounting cradle.

Available in single, twin and triple vessel options, each unit is supplied with a comprehensive Upstream Line-In Kit (ULK) featuring 22 mm pipe diameter fittings.

Constructed from an epoxy coated steel body and a highly durable virgin butyl diaphragm, all Mainsboost vessels are WRAS Approved and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Technical Specification

Product code 44750, 44751, 44752
Construction Mild steel
Membrane Butyl rubber
WRAS approval 1501305
System patent no. 2349908
Guarantee 5 years
Maximum working pressure* 1000 kPa (10 bar)
Min/Max operating temperature Min 4 °C / Max 35 °C
Max rated temperature 90 °C
Vessel capacity*** 132 litres
Height 558 mm
Width 540 mm
Depth 1206 mm
Weight empty 43.5 Kg
Weight filled 178.5 Kg
Maximim weight 293.5 Kg
ULK Kit 22 mm

*The maximum pressure that can be applied to the cylinder under any installation conditions.

**Vessel capacity, dimensions and weights are per cylinder

***At typical working pressure

Product Variants
Part no Description
44747 MB 200SH-1-22
44748 MB 200SH-2-22
44749 MB 200SH-3-22
44750 MB 250SH-1-22
44751 MB 250SH-2-22
44752 MB 250SH-3-22