Aquastor Amega

Aquastor Amega

Tank-in-Tank Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

If it's unlimited hot water you are after, with faster heat up and recovery times than conventional unvented hot water cylinders can supply then the AquaStor Amega is the solution.

The AquaStor Amega is a highly effective Tank-in-Tank cylinder that delivers the very best in hot water performance and is ideally suited to today's high demand hot water applications.

The exceptionally reliable Tank-in-Tank technology of the AquaStor Amega delivers outstanding performance allowing for a reduction in the amount of hot water stored, whilst always maintaining high volumes of hot water output.

The AquaStor Amega has a large stainless steel heat exchanger surface of up to twice that of a traditional coil type tank. This, combined with hot water priority controls allows faster initial heat up times, rapid recovery and improved fuel efficiency compared to a traditional coil based cylinder, making it very compatible with modern high efficiency heating systems.

The unique features of the AquaStor Amega enable a reduction in the size of the hot water cylinder with corresponding savings in space, energy consumption and running costs.

Key Features:

  • Quality stainless steel inner tank construction
  • Large surface area heat exchanger
  • Self-descaling ensures consistent efficiency
  • Easy access control pad with thermostats and six-pin plug for simple electrical connection
  • Low heat loss - 50mm thick polyurethane insulation
  • Commercial, residential and industrial applications
  • 3 kW Immersion heater back up (models 210-300)
  • Supplied with full unvented system kit

Tank-in-Tank Unvented Cylinder


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