Electrastream BEP 150 Electric Boiler


The Electrastream BEP 150 is a pre-assembled electric boiler system available with 150 litre hot water storage capacity and featuring tri-core titanium heater technology with a combined output of 9 kW.


Stuart Electrastream electric boilers are suitable for domestic dwellings such as flats, granny annexes, houses, offices and small commercial premises with a heat loss of 9 kW or less where there is no gas supply available.

Important Note: The installation of an effective water conditioner on the cold water supply to this unit is an essential requirement to inhibit limescale build up, maximise heating element longevity and minimise energy consumption.

Failure to install an effective water conditioning device will invalidate the warranty of the Electrastream unit.

Suitable water conditioning devices include the Stuart catalytic water conditioner model C3-22 (product code 44617). For installations requiring flow rates in excess of 22 litres/min please contact Stuart Turner Ltd for guidance.

Engineered and manufactured by Stuart Turner.

Technical Specification

Product code 46728
Guarantee 1 year
Cylinder capacity 150 litres
Coils Single
ERP Rating C
Maximum water supply pressure 12 bar
Operating pressure 3.5 bar
Cylinder & hot water system
DHW Expansion vessel size 12 litres
DHW Expansion vessel pre-charge pressure 3.5 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - pressure 7 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - temperature 90 °C
Maximum primary pressure 3.5 bar
Reheat time (Δ t=60°C) 58 minutes
Heat loss in 24 hrs @60°C 1.68 kWh
Coil surface area (twin top) 0.78 m2
Coil rating (twin top) 17.46 kW
Combination valve
Pressure reducing valve 3.5 bar
Maximum pressure to P Red V 12 bar
Pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Heating system
Expansion vessel size 8 litres
Maximum system expansion 7 litres
Expansion vessel pre-charge pressure (as supplied) 1 bar
Expansion vessel pre-charge pressure (maximum) 1.5 bar
Maximum working pressure 3.5 bar
Maximum working temperature 90 °C
Heating pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Ambient temperature 4 °C - 30 °C
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c. / 1 / 50 Hz
Fuse 40 Amp
Depth 780 mm
Width 670 mm
Height 1520 mm
Empty weight 54 Kg
Filled weight 204 Kg
Approvals CE

Product Variants
Part no Description
46729 BEL 130 (Un-assembled)
46730 BEL 150 (Un-assembled)
46727 BEP 130 (Pre-assembled)
46728 BEP 150 (Pre-assembled)
46731 BEPT 215 Solar (Pre-assembled)
BEP 150