Stuart Aquastor Sigma

Aquastor Sigma

High Flow Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

The Aquastor Sigma high performance cylinder is designed to deliver large volumes of hot water at higher flow rates, to meet the demands of larger multi-bathroom properties, small hotels, guest houses and leisure facilities with multiple showers and hot water outlets.

The Aquastor Sigma is able to achieve high levels of performance due to its low heat loss eco foam insulation and large volume heating coils which carry more water and deliver faster heat up times compared to other unvented cylinders which use finned or rippled coils.

The Aquastor Sigma smooth bore coil system also deters lime scale build up, maintaining the cylinder's efficiency and ensuring a long product life.

Each cylinder is supplied with a fully compliant G3 installation kit, incorporating an adjustable 5.0 bar pressure regulating valve enabling enhanced pressure and delivery performance to meet even the most demanding of applications.

High Flow Unvented Cylinder


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