Aquastor Sigma SAS 250 - High flow unvented cylinder

Aquastor Sigma

The Aquastor Sigma SAS 250 High flow unvented cylinder has a capacity of 242 litres and is suitable for properties with occupancy of 4-5 persons.

Each unit is supplied with a fully compliant G3 installation kit, incorporating an adjustable 5.0 bar pressure regulating valve enabling enhanced pressure and delivery performance.

Technical Specification

Product code 44576
Guarantee 2 years
Description High Flow Unvented Hot Water Cylinder
Capacity 242 litres
Expansion vessel size 24 litres
Energy rating A
Capacity (persons) 4.5
Capacity 40°C 412 litres
Heat loss 47 Watts
Heat loss / 24 hrs 1.1 kWh/day
Primary heating power 16.6 kW
Heat up time deltaT 55°C coil 43.3 minutes
Recovery time deltaT 55°C coil 70% 32.5 minutes
Power supply/phase/frequency 240/1/50
Height 1540 mm
Diameter 595 mm
Weight (Dry) 51 Kg

Product Variants
Part no Description
44576 SAS 250 F1
44577 SAS 300 F1
44578 SAS 380 F1
SAS 250 F1