CH 3-45 CI

Cast Iron

The CH 3-45 CI centrifugal pump features end suction and vertical delivery and is designed for continuous operation.  This compact, high performance pump delivers flow rates up to 190 l/min and heads up to 44 metres.


  • The CH 3-45 CI centrifugal pump is designed to pump clean water. Other clean, non aggressive, non explosive liquids with similar characteristics to water may be pumped.

Technical Specification

Product code 46716
Rating 2 hp
Guarantee 1 year
Pump type Centrifugal
Mechanical seal Nitrile / Carbon / Ceramic
Priming vent plug  
Pump body Cast Iron
Impeller Stainless steel
Maximum head (closed valve) 44 metres
Performance @ 50 l/min 37 metres
Performance @ 90 l/min 33 metres
Maximum flow 190 l/min
Minimum static inlet pressure 0.5 bar (5 metre)
Maximum static inlet pressure 2.8 bar (28 metres)
Maximum viscosity 50 secs redwood no 1 9.5 centistokes
Maximum working pressure* 600 kPa (6 bar)
Maximum ambient air temperature 50 °C
Min / Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 65 °C
Maximum suction lift** 4.6 metres
Pump connections G 1¼ female (inlet), G 1 (outlet)
Type Induction, auto-reset thermal trip
Duty rating Continuous (S1)
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c./ 1 / 50 Hz
Current (full load) 9.84 Amps
Power P1 2241 Watts
Power P2 1546 Watts
Fuse rating 13 Amps
Enclosure protection IP44
Length 321 mm
Width 230 mm
Height (excluding hoses) 285 mm
Weight (including fittings) 21.55 Kg

* The maximum pressure that can be applied to the pump under any installation conditions.

** With footvalve fitted.