Jet 80-45 CM (50 Hz) - Centrifugal jet boostamatic pump


Ideal for the high pressure delivery of clean non-potable water from a water tank / cistern. Jet pumps are supplied with a carry handle, a manual on/off switch and power lead fitted with a 13 amp fused plug.  The range is suitable for general purpose applications, pumping cold water.

The integrated control module automatically switches the pump and makes it suitable for both positive and negative head applications.

Once initially primed with clean water the Jet pump will self prime the suction pipe up to 5 metres when used in conjunction with a footvalve/strainer.


  • The portable Jet pump is ideal for many household and light industrial uses
  • Suitable for lifting and pressurising water from a well or storage tank for a domestic supply

Technical Specification

Product code 46640
Guarantee 1 year
Pump type Centrifugal
Mechanical seal EPDM / Carbon / Ceramic
Self priming  
Carry handle  
Integral on/off switch  
Quiet operation  
Pump body Stainless steel
Impeller Plastic
Maximum head (closed valve) 4.5 bar
Performance @ 10 l/min 3.8 bar
Performance @ 40 l/min 2.7 bar
Maximum flow 80 l/min
Minimum static inlet pressure 0.1 bar (1 metre)
Maximum static inlet pressure 0.5 bar (5 metres)
Maximum working pressure* 500 kPa (5 bar)
Maximum ambient air temperature 40 °C
Min / Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 35 °C
Maximum suction lift** 5 metres
Pump connections G 1 female
Type Induction, auto-reset thermal trip
Duty rating Continuous (S1)
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c./ 1 / 50 Hz
Current (full load) 5.2 Amps
Power consumption 925 Watts
Fuse rating 13 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 metres
Enclosure protection IPX4
Length 374 mm
Width 239 mm
Height (excluding hoses) 412 mm
Weight (including fittings) 10.3 Kg

* The maximum pressure that can be applied to the pump under any installation conditions.

** With footvalve fitted.
Although these pumps are self priming we recommend a footvalve/strainer is used if a suction lift is required.