Water Conditioner C23-45

Water Conditioner

Developed specifically for domestic plumbing applications, Stuart Water Conditioners feature a unique catalytic alloy core which effectively prevents hard limescale deposits from forming.

The catalytic process treats the water supply as it is used and causes the calcium carbonate to precipitate into microscopic crystals. These crystals then float in suspension in the water without adhering to any surfaces, ensuring that boilers, cylinders and kettles do not scale up and remain efficient whilst continuing to operate efficiently for many years.


  • Available in a range of sizes optimised to meet the flow rate requirements of residential properties
  • Installed inline with the incoming mains water supply just after the stopcock
  • Stuart Water Conditioner products can play an effective role in achieving compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations
  • Stuart Water Conditioners have an average 15 year active lifespan

Technical Specification

Product Selection

Model selection must be based upon actual measured flow and is essential for effective operation.

1) Measure the typical water flow demanded from the cold water mains supply.

2) Select the appropriate Water Conditioner product based on the stated optimum flow range*.

Product code 44618
Guarantee 10 years
WRAS approval Approved materials
Description Catalytic Water Conditioner
Pipe fitting 22 mm
Connection type Brass compression
Optimum flow* 23-45 l/min
Maximum pressure 10 bar
Body dia. 34 mm
Length 290 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg

Product Variants
Part no Description
44785 ½ " Mini Water Conditioner
44617 Water Conditioner C3-22
44618 Water Conditioner C23-45
44619 Water Conditioner C46-75
44735 Water Conditioner CM23-45
44737 Water Conditioner CM46-75
44728 Water Conditioner CM76-115
44729 Water Conditioner CM116-170
44632 Water Conditioner CM171-265
44730 Water Conditioner CM266-360
44731 Water Conditioner CM361-685
44732 Water Conditioner CM686-1260