Wasteflo LS5 - Lifting station


The Wasteflo LS5 lifting station is ideal when you need to create a shower room, kitchen or utility room anywhere in your home or commercial building.  A bath, shower, basin, sink, washing machine and dishwasher can all be connected.

The Wasteflo LS5 lifting station is designed with an innovative removable cassette system, which houses the electrical and mechanical components.  This cassette system allows for easy and clean access without having to remove any pipework or the appliance when servicing or maintaining the unit.


  • The Lifting Station is a simple way to pump waste water from an appliance where there is no local access to a soil pipe.

Technical Specification

Product code 46577
Guarantee 2 years
Slimline design  
Noise level 50 dB (typical)
Maximum head 7.7 metres
Pumping distance (vertical) Up to 7 metres
Pumping distance (horizontal) Up to 72 metres
Maximum flow 120 l/min
Maximum ambient air temperature 40 °C
Min / Max water temperature Min 4 °C / Max 50 °C (continuous duty), Max 70 °C (short term rating)
Inlet(s) 32 mm (1¼ ") dia. (standard), 20 mm / G ¾ elbow connection (washing machine)
Outlet 32 mm, wastepipe adaptor
Duty rating Continuous
Power supply/phase/frequency 230 V a.c./ 1 / 50 Hz
Current (full load) 2.0 Amps
Power consumption 460 Watts
Fuse rating 5 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 metres
Enclosure protection IPX4
Width 413 mm
Depth 180 mm
Height (excluding hoses) 278 mm
Weight (including fittings) 7.8 Kg