Any tips to reduce noice?

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posted this 08 December 2017

I have just had a bath removed and a shower installed and had to have a pump installed to give me a decent shower. We have a low pressure hotwater tank system (according to plumber) and we needed the pump to power the bar mixer shower. Everytime I turn on the shower there is a large hummmm from the pump. Is this normal?

I asked my plumber and he says its normal. When the airing cupboard is open the noice is less and the plumber says cupboard is acting like a speak so to say and making the noice louder.

Is there anything that could help reduce the noise?

The pump is a techflo 1.5bar pump looking at my bill.



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PumpAssist posted this 08 December 2017

Unfortunately all pumps that pressurise the water make a noise. The noise has been described as between a washing machine on spin cycle and a vacuum cleaner but every installation is different  and a bad installation can make the pump much louder.

The best thing to sit the pump on is a small piece of paving with some carpet or a rubber mat under the slab. If it's on a wooden floor the sound can travel along the wood.

If the airing cupboard is empty then once it is full of towels etc that will help to muffle the noise.

The hoses attached to the pump need to be as straight as possible, if they are bent over or kinked the pump will be louder. Also the hot water temperature needs to be controlled, if its much over 60°C that will make the pump noisier.