Monsoon Pump driving me mad

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essexmav posted this 01 January 2018

Before Christmas we has an S 3-bar twin pump fitted when we had our shower room reffitted. We were convinced by the installers this was the best on the market, and would be the one for out positive head shower system.

First few days it was working even though it had a slight delay, but then it got gradually worse. The plumbers returned and fitted an air vent that made no difference. We now have a system that takes 10 seconds to kick in downastairs nearest the pump and over 5 minutes for the ones upstairs. This is improved by opening the taps downstairs to get the pump started, then opening up the shower or taps upstairs. We have ended up just turning the power off over Christmas and gone back to conventional hot water which is fine, but cant use the shower we pais 2K for !

Plumbers are very much out of ideas...and its almost as if we have just been left to get on with it. Any ideas?


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PumpAssist posted this 02 January 2018

How much water comes out of the showers, when the pump doesn't start?

If it's just a dribble or there's no flow then the wrong pump has been fitted and you need a Universal (negative) pump.

For a positive pump to work, you need to have at least a litre per minute of hot and cold water coming out of the shower at all times. Most modern showers are quite restrictive and won't always let the water through under gravity pressure and so require a negative pump.