What do i need?

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Bluetac posted this 06 January 2018

OK so heres the deal  We are an end house of a 4 property shared supply , over the last few years our water pressure has been reduced to almosta trickle at times when the neighbours are running a bath or shower. this is now made worse by the fact that some of the properties have been converted to flats/bedsits and house shares.
To make matters worse for us our mains supply comes in on 15mm .

It would be a major pain in the rear to have to have our own supply installed due to it where it leaves the property next door, we would be looking at around 2K to get it installed and some major home upheaval during the process.


So which pump/ system would suit our needs (if any) or if not can someone recommend an alternative?


Many thanks

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PumpAssist posted this 08 January 2018

Unfortunately there's no guarantee if you have a new main fitted that you will get the flow and pressure you require.

You have a few options but as the supply is poor it means you have to store water somewhere in the property.

You could use an iBoost. It is connected directly to the mains and has a cold water tank in the unit that holds 200 litres. If your water consumption isn't going to exceed 200 litres at a time then it would work fine. Of course if you wanted to run two 10 litres per minutes at the same time for 15 minutes then you would run out of water (300 litres) and it wouldn't be suitable.


Alternatively you may be able to use an accumulator system that stores the mains water under pressure. It may or may not need a pump it depends what pressure you are getting from the mains. 


You would be best to contact our mains boost department to discuss this. They will need to know the incoming flow and pressure you have and what sort of flow and pressure you are trying to achieve and how long you want it for. If you call the Pump Assist number, 0800 319 6980, they will be able to transfer you.