Monsoon 3 bar pump Info

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posted this 13 February 2018

Hi all,

I am after a monsoon 3 bar pump and have a few available near me. 

Could you help with idenifying the age of the pumps please as some are stated as being 10-11 months old. 

Serial Part Number





Any feedback/help appreciated

Many Thanks


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PumpAssist posted this 13 February 2018

The first 4 numbers of the serial number are the year and week of manufacture.

1337019 is 09/09/2013

1416034 is 14/04/2014

1623013 is 30/05/2016

It is very risky buying a second hand pump. The pump may have a fault and if it hasn't been used for a few weeks may well be seized. Also the pumps won't have a warranty if they are second hand.