Monsoon 3 bar twin - starting problems

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Davis posted this 21 February 2018

Hi - I have a monsoon standard 3 bar twin pump running 2 showers. It was installed a number of years agoand has worked perfectly until about 6 months ago.

Now, sometimes the pump fires up immediately when a shower is in use, sometimes it does not start at all and sometimes it starts part way through i.e. when the water has already been running for a couple of minutes. The flow rate when the pump is not running is more than a dribble i.e. it's possible to shower but I've not measured it.  I've tried cleaning out the shower heads and running with the power off to clear any air pockets but this doesn't seem to have made any difference. When I try the magnet trick though the pump starts immediatley.

The pump is probably 10 years old so is it fixable or am I just better off replacing it?




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PumpAssist posted this 21 February 2018

It sounds like you have enough flow to activate the pump when it doesn't start so it's possibly a faulty printed circuit board or a capacitor issue, it all depends what's happening at the pump when it doesn't start.

You will need to be within a few inches of the pump and get someone to turn on the shower. If the pump doesn't start, does it emit a low humming noise or is it silent? If it's silent it will be a printed circuit board, if it hums it will be the capacitor. You can also do this with a magnet against one of the reed switches but you will have to do it a number of times to be sure, as the pump might start fine if it has just been run.

The printed circuit board and capacitor are available as part of a service kit but if the pump is 10 years old we would recommend replacing it.