Monsoon Negative head twin - vibration no water

Gandalfaswell 1 Posts 1 Karma
Gandalfaswell posted this 02 March 2018

Pump serves a shower in attic. It is used very rarely about once a month. Normally works fine, so not a installation problem.

 When switched on, the shower pipework has a low vibration ( a bit like water hammer) and small amounts of water start flowing, then after a few seconds stops completely. The pump appears to be running and I have bled the air ( there was none) from the pump. Thermostatic shower valve (On/Off) quite tight, may be significant?

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PumpAssist posted this 05 March 2018

If the pump is running but no water is coming out then the pump is airlocked and this could be due to a blockage.

We have had a lot of problems with frozen pipes to pumps over the last couple of days and that can cause this problem.

Ypu will need to get the water running through the pump again and the best way to do this is to run the outlets from the pump into a bucket with the pump turned off.