Water is vital for our survival and in our changing world, it is an increasingly precious and volatile commodity.  At Stuart Turner Group, as a manufacturer of water boosting solutions, we recognise our role in helping people to get the most out of the water they receive.

Covid-19 accelerated and laid bare some challenges, with water usage increasing in the home as remote and hybrid working continues.  This provides opportunities for us to help educate and improve water management, as well as invest in new solutions and services that help to reduce water usage and cut down on waste.

We have a responsibility as a busness to be steward to both people and planet, and while improving water performance, we are prioritising the implementation and improvement strategies across our environmental and social performance to better manage water usage and sustainability practices.



The Stuart Turner name is synonymous with quality and we continually strive to build and improve upon our hard earned reputation. All our products, associated accessories and services are designed and provided following our quality controlled operations whilst considering environmental impact to promote sustainability.

Stuart Turner was first approved to BS5750 in January 1991. Stuart Turner Ltd's Quality and Environmental Policies are realised through measurable objectives to provide an effective and continually improving Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

The integrated Quality and Environmental Management Systems Manual has been designed to meet both the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015BS EN ISO 14001:2015 and the business obligations of Stuart Turner Ltd.

The procedures and practices outlined in the integrated Quality and Environmental Management Systems Manual are applicable to; design, manufacture and the repair of pumps below 3kW and associated accessories.

Link to Stuart Turner ISO 9001 Certificate

Link to Stuart Turner ISO 14001 Certificate

For further information on Stuart Turner Ltd's Quality and Environmental Policies please contact us.