Stuart Turner finalists in Irelands Heating & Plumbing Innovative Product of the Year awards!

Stuart Turner are finalists in the category for Innovative Product of the Year at Irelands Plumbing & Heating awards 2019, with their new and innovative range of digital pressurisation units for sealed heating and chilling systems.

The Stuart Turner SPU pressurisation units present a completely new product proposition, designed and conceived with installation, form and function foremost. They offer a number of unique and innovative features, such as our patent pending monocoque water tank which forms the basic structure onto which all other system components are fitted, in addition to a purpose designed microprocessor control system.

These units provide an automatic method of ensuring a commercial sealed heating or chilled water system is maintained at the correct operating pressure, whilst monitoring the system and reporting any possible faults such as a system leak, to ensure a quick response and reduce downtime. They are available with one (duty), or two (duty-standby) premium quality, continuously rated Stuart Turner pumps, featuring brass pump heads and impellers and are capable of filling a system from new before monitoring and maintaining the design fill pressure.

Whilst many alternative pressurisation units have relied on simplistic LED display screens, the SPU range feature an intuitive control panel with a full LCD graphics display for simple initial set-up and system self-diagnostics. Four alarm outputs, one of which is configurable along with a Modbus interface for connection to a Building Management System (BMS) are also provided.

Richard Harden, Managing Director said ‘The Stuart Turner name is synonymous with quality and reliability and we look to expand into the heating sector with this new and innovative product range which is unlike anything currently available on the market’.

Pete Lambden, project engineer and design lead said ‘we are delighted to be nominated, by showcasing our latest product development, I believe we are demonstrating the quality and engineering design capabilities here at Stuart Turner’.

Further details on the Stuart range of Pressurisation units, can be found here.

Stuart Turner; engineered to excel.