Stuart Turner has launched its own range of digital pressurisation units, representing the next generation of digital systems, at mechanical system prices. The Stuart Pressurisation Unit (SPU) range offers a unique monocoque design and advanced controls. Available in three sizes, Mini, Midi and Maxi, the Stuart Digital Pressurisation Units offer an automatic filling and pressure maintenance solution for sealed heating and chiller systems, which are capable of filling a system from empty and then maintaining the fill pressure in sealed systems.

They are available with either one (duty) or two (duty standby) premium quality Stuart Turner continuously rated brass pumps and utilise advanced digital controls with a unique microprocessor and pressure transducer designed to provide self-diagnostics and an intuitive easy to use menu. The cost effective Mini version is ideal for systems with a capacity of up to 6,000 litres, fitted with a three-litre capacity reservoir and capable of pressurising systems up to 3.0 bar. The Midi series have a reservoir capacity of 10 litres and offers a system pressure up to 5.0 bar.

These units can be either wall or floor mounted and with a configurable inlet and outlet which can be connected on either the left or right hand side, they offer superior flexibility during the installation process. For higher demand applications, the Maxi system has an 18 litre reservoir capacity and will maintain systems up to 8.0 bar. The Maxi is designed for floor mounted installations.

Both the Midi and the Maxi ranges are suitable for systems with a capacity of up to 300,000 litres, and also have four alarm outputs, one of which is configurable and a Modbus interface for connection to a Building Management System (BMS). BS EN 60335 and CE compliant, with built in safety in low voltage control, as well as multiple Volt-free contacts and BMS connectivity to external alarms and systems, the entire range offers quality and performance for both new and retrofit applications - with a two year guarantee on all units.

This new range of Stuart Turner designed products sees Stuart Turner move into the heating sector and offer the installing plumber and specification market all they need from one renowned UK manufacturer. 

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