Pressure & Flow Test Kit PTK 1 Pro 60

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Pressure & Flow Test Kit

Test the available cold water mains water pressure and flow prior to selecting any Mainsboost or other direct on mains water supply system. Supplied in a rigid plastic carry case with foam padding, the Pro 60 consists of a 5-40 litres per minute flow meter, 1-10 bar pressure gauge and a range of 15-22 mm push-fit connectors for ease of testing.

Accessories  PTK 1 Pro 60
Key Features
  • Pressure and flow rate test kit
  • Measures water flow rates up to 40 litres/min
  • Measures water pressure up to 10 bar
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Technical Specification
Product Code 44724
GTIN 13 DIGIT 5050400447245
Warranty 1 year
Approvals CE