AQUABOOST CAVSA Anti-Surge Air Valves

Anti-Surge Air Valve

The AQUABOOST CAVSA Anti-Surge Air Valve is effective for the efficient discharge and intake of air in water systems, filtering systems, containers, and other places where confined air could impair the system’s operation.



  • Expelling air at high flow velocity during system filling
  • Introducing large quantities of air when the pipe is being drained, maintaining atmospheric pressures in the pipe and preventing collapse and cavitation damage
  • Relieving entrained air from the water while the system is pressurised

Aquaboost CAVSA
Key Features
  • Leak-proof sealing under all conditions, including at low system pressure
  • The aerodynamic design of the float provides air flow at a very high velocity - the float does not close before the water has reached the valve
  • Threaded outlet elbow allows various possibilities of drain connection
Technical Specification
Product Code 72099
GTIN 5050400720997
Conformity certification UKCA, CE
Medium Water - Glycol (30% maximum)
Discharge air volume (at pipe pressure of 0.5 bar) 300 m³/h
Operating pressure 0.2 - 16 bar
Operating temperature -10 °C to 70 °C (must be insulated for operation at temperatures below 0 °C)
Inlet R 1
Outlet Rc ¾
Body Glass reinforced nylon
Bonnet Glass reinforced nylon
Float Polypropylene
O rings Nitrile
Drainage elbow Polypropylene