Mainsboost MB 1500SV-1-35

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Mains Water Boosting System

For even greater demand, the Mainsboost 1500 litre vertical steel vessel with 35mm connections is installed directly onto the incoming water supply and under mains pressure fills with water. When the chamber is full the unit reaches a state of pressure equilibrium. The Mainsboost system now has a volume of pressurised water ready for distribution throughout the property.

Key Features
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Up to 80 litres/minute per vessel
  • 1 x 1500 litre pressure vessel
Technical Specification
Product Code 44854
Guarantee 5 years
WRAS status WRAS Approved Product
WRAS approval 1901372
Approvals CE
Patent reference 2349908
Pressure vessel quantity 1

Pressure vessel nominal size

1500 litres

Pressure vessel usable capacity

825 litres

Upstream Line-in Kit

35 mm

Mounting Floor

Maximum working pressure*

1000 kPa / 10 bar

Min / Max operating temperature

Min 4 °C / Max 35 °C

Max rated temperature

90 °C

Pressure vessel Epoxy coated mild steel
Membrane Butyl rubber
Connection - inlet 35 mm
Connection - outlet 35 mm
Typical Noise dB(A) Silent


960 mm


960 mm


2380 mm

Weight - including fittings

242.1 Kg

Weight - filled

1067.1 Kg

Weight - maximum

1742.1 Kg

GTIN 13 DIGIT 5050400448549


The maximum pressure that can be applied to the cylinder under any installation conditions.